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Key West event needed pirate mugs redesigned for injection molding

Northeast 3D specializes in bespoke solutions for the restoration, repair, and enhancement of a wide range of items, from cherished antiques and vintage cars to everyday tools and household goods. Our unique service caters to individuals and businesses seeking custom-made parts, upgrades,

Custom beer mugs for event

Renowned medallion artist needed to change the current process 

Briggs Design is a collaboration between Jeffrey and Lindley Briggs who have worked together for over 40 years to create unique commissioned sculpture. In July 2021, the Historic New England organization was hoping to have a bronze medal created to present in a recognition ceremony that would take place in January 2022. They realized that the timeline for development and production was unrealistic after a survey of multiple foundries resulted in estimates of 6 – 12 months to cast a bronze medal.

The Briggs Design plan was to have Jeff sculpt the model four times larger than the medal’s 4” diameter, to retain as much detail as possible. The 18” original, would be reduced with a shrinking rubber casting material called Hydrospan 400. We have been using this process for over 15 years with great success. Unfortunately, we discovered that the product has been discontinued. The next three days were spent trying to find a supplier that might have some in stock that was not too old, with no success.


They immediately contacted companies that would have pantographing capabilities for reducing the medal. Those companies were either not interested or could not meet our timeline.  They then talked to Jason Gaboury at Northeast 3-D Solutions in Springfield, Vermont. Jason assured them that to scan and print our project was well within our capabilities. Lindley said, “We discovered that they not only have superior scanning technology but also the latest in 3-D sculpting and printing methods.”


They had both 18” models scanned, reduced, and printed. Next, they carefully glued the 4” 3D prints together, back-to-back, to create the final two-sided medal. There was only a small amount of hand sanding necessary. To make the SLA resin prints look like cast bronze they started by spraying them with a primer coat of flat red Rustoleum primer. The resin prints accepted paint readily. Then, a water based bronze paint (Sculpt Nouveau Bronze B Metal Coating) was brushed over it. The red undercoat gave a deep luster. The medal was finally patinated with a thin coat of water base verdigris green paint, then wiped, leaving the verdigris color in the recessed areas.


Ultimately Historic New England presented this computer printed medal in March 2022.

Salem MA museum wanted to duplicate this 1800 vintage wall art

Breathe New Life into History: Seamlessly Blend Old and New with 3D Printing

Connolly Brothers is a construction management company located in Beverly, MA.  They were contracted to renovate the Peabody Essex Museum properties that is a cultural gem and is the oldest continually operating museum in America. In the Plummer Hall in Salem MA, there was 1800 art vintage work that the museum wanted to replicate on an adjacent wall. Northeast 3D visited the site to see the art and talk about the scope of work and expectations. The job consisted of 3D scanning the existing art and printing the items. The items were then given to an artist to paint and match the colors and patina.

Do you envision the restoration of historic buildings without compromising their authenticity? We specialize in bringing the past into the future, seamlessly integrating new elements with existing architectural features.
Our recent project involved recreating intricate details over 25 feet in the air, impossible to dismantle. Using our state-of-the-art laser scanning system, we captured every minute detail in 3D. Then, through high-resolution 3D printing, we fabricated replica components so precise they were virtually indistinguishable from the originals.

Whether you require:

  • Precise replication of lost or damaged historical elements

  • Seamless addition of new structures that blend with the existing architecture

  • Preservation of historical details during complex renovations

We offer a solution that respects the past while paving the way for the future. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life, seamlessly bridging the gap between old and new.

Homeowner contacted us about repairing a beloved antique sink

Saving History, One Sink Component at a Time

Do you have a cherished antique with a damaged, irreplaceable piece? Don't despair! We specialize in bringing history back to life using cutting-edge 3D scanning and printing technology.

Our client's story:
A homeowners' contractor contacted us with a beloved antique sink. A crucial piece of the trim was broken and clumsily repaired, leaving the sink incomplete. Replacement parts were impossible to find. Feeling discouraged, they turned to us.

Our solution:

  1. State-of-the-art 3D scanning: We meticulously scanned the remaining piece, capturing its intricate details.

  2. Expert CAD redesign: Our skilled designers transformed the scan into a pristine digital model, eliminating the damage and missing parts.

  3. High-resolution 3D printing: Using our industrial-grade printers, we brought the design to life, creating a brand new component that matched the original perfectly.

The result:
Our client's antique sink was restored to its former glory, preserving its history and enhancing their kitchen renovation.

We can do the same for you!


  1. Antique furniture: Missing drawer pulls, broken finials, or damaged carvings? We can recreate them.

  2. Architectural details: Ornate moldings, decorative corbels, or lost hardware? We can bring them back.

  3. Unique collectibles: Broken figurines, chipped statues, or incomplete pieces? We can restore them.

Don't let damaged pieces hold you back. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Renowned restoration professional sought to create components for his prized 1969 Camaro

Bringing a Vision to Life: Seamless Integration for a One-of-a-Kind 1969 Camaro

Challenge: A renowned restoration professional sought to create truly unique components for his prized 1969 Camaro. Initial plans involved modifying existing designs, but the client's vision extended beyond the realm of the conventional.

Solution: Our team leveraged high-resolution 3D scans of the vehicle to create custom panels that seamlessly integrated into the engine compartment. These panels weren't meant to hide, but to subtly accentuate the client's meticulous craftsmanship and design choices.

Beyond the Ordinary: Our expertise in non-mechanical design allowed us to craft components that didn't exist anywhere – not even in the aftermarket world. Every detail, from the organic shapes to the seamless integration, had to be perfect for this half-million-dollar project.

Results: Through a collaborative approach with the client's designer, we delivered:
•    Custom-designed panels: Designed and modeled to complement the client's vision and the vehicle's unique form.
•    Real-time visualization: Prototypes and proof-of-concepts allowed the client to see our work virtually on his car before committing.
•    Impeccable craftsmanship: The final aluminum components, machined to perfection, exceeded expectations.

This project demonstrates the power of 3D scanning, collaborative design, and innovative thinking in creating truly unique and exceptional automotive experiences.