What is PolyCast™ used for?
PolyCast™ is designed specifically for investment casting (also known as lost-wax casting) of metal. You can use it with 3D printing to replace the wax patterns used in industrial investment casting processes. 


What are the benefits of PolyCast™ for investment casting?
In traditional investment casting, you need to first make a metal tool to produce wax patterns. The tooling typically takes several weeks at least, with cost starting at thousands of dollars. By using 3D printing and PolyCast™, you can eliminate the need for tooling, which saves you time and money greatly. Another benefit of PolyCast™ is that you can use 3D printing to create complex geometries that are simply not possible.


How is PolyCast™ different from other 3D printing filaments?
PolyCast™ is the first 3D printing filament designed specifically for metal investment casting. To make this application possible, we have enabled the material with two key features:Superior Surface Quality, PolyCast™ can be polished in the Polysher™ (via Polymaker’s patented Micro-Droplet Polishing™ technology), eliminating the layers from filament-based printing processes and resulting in a very smooth part surface. This is critical to ensure the quality of metal parts.Most polymers leave residues when they decompose – this is a problem for investment casting and can lead to defects on the metal parts. We have engineered the material to ensure that it decomposes completely at T > 600 C, leaving a clean mold ready for casting.


Is PolyCast™ easy to use?
The use of PolyCast™ is quite simple. It prints under typical PLA conditions and is compatible with just about any filament-based 3D printer. Polymaker has engineered the material to feature excellent printability, dimensional stability, and easy removal of support. The printed parts can then be polished in the Polysher™, to dramatically improve the surface quality. Once polished the part is ready to be used in investment casting processes.

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